Iwani is a composer and performer, who started playing the piano at the age of eight. Since, she has taught herself how to play guitar, ukulele and mbira, which she mostly uses to accompany herself singing. In 2012, she also composed a piece of music that was performed by a youth orchestra in New Jersey, USA. The 53-page piece, entitled Vana Ve Afrika (“Children of Africa” in my mother tongue, Shona) is a song of empowerment for Africans, especially the younger generation. The piece was debuted as the finale of the “Children for Children” Concert held at the prestigious Thurnauer. The concert raised over US$4000, all of which was donated to the Sandra Lee Centre, an orphanage Iwani volunteered at for several years whilst still in Swaziland.

Iwani's last project involved composing three pieces of music based on Wassily Kandinsky's synaesthesia-inspired theatre piece, The Yellow Sound. These pieces were performed by members of the NUS Orchestra, and the Yale-NUS Chamber Choir at a performance in April. 

Iwani continues to compose and perform in Singapore.