Video Portfolio

This is a video project for my Digital Narratives class, in which I had to describe a location. Rather than a physical place, I chose a more abstract location - home, because I've been moving and travelling my whole life, so "home" for me is everywhere and nowhere.
The Traditional Weddings of Samekeliso & Joe Beusterien and Kudzai & Patrick Riva. A video by Iwani Zoë Mawocha Pepper & Söl Productions Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook:
To Sam & Joe, From Iwani
I wish I was born in a different era, not the past, but the future.
A summary of my year, and some of what I got up to. In an effort to 'live in the moment,' there were a lot of places I visited where I didn't record anything, but I've now realised in retrospect that it is possible to live in the moment and still document what I see.