insta-inspiration: March

Welcome to my monthly round-up of the people on Instagram who inspire me! This month on Instagram has been all about colour and prints! Anyone who knows my style will know how ironic this is, because my closet is almost entirely devoid of both. I think this is partly because my style is increasingly being influenced by Korean and Japanese norm-core, partly because I rarely find prints I go crazy over when I go shopping here in Singapore (I do not like floral. Not one bit.), but mostly because I steer away from trends because I'm trying to do the responsible adult thing where I don't splurge on a new wardrobe each season. It's a work in progress.  

Here are my three picks for most inspirational/drool-worthy Instagram feeds for this month!


Kassandra Hazlehurst is an architecture student from New York State with a fresh look and killer sense of style, reminiscent of Solange Knowles. She is one of those beautiful women whom I often see on my tumblr feed and think 'wahey! I know who she is!' Not only does she give me major fro goals (don't worry, I'm not going fro any time soon but it's nice to daydream) but she inspires me to incorporate more prints into my life. 

As an education-seeking woman in her early twenties who's on that Instagram hustle, I am 100% here for other education-seeking women in their early twenties doing the same. It's a tough world out there, we've got to support each other! So, if you like to see bold and cool fashion, urban art, as well as those travel pics that make you want to get a better job immediately, I would definitely recommend following her! 


Dusen Dusen is a fashion label that was created by Ellen Van Dusen in 2010, and has since expanded to include a homeware line (Dusen Dusen Home). I absolutely adore their bold use of colours and shapes (as well as the frequent apperances of their adorable dog, Snips). Every piece of theirs is a daring and funky statement on its own but even when paired together, they still work just as well, if not better! If I had enough space in my dorm room, I would buy tons their cushions in every single print, but alas, alack, I must resign myself to planning the interior of my future apartment (which is going to look AMAZING, in case you were wondering). I would 10/10 recommend them if you love to obsess over bold prints, contemporary art and French bulldogs. 


I briefly met Lenne Chai at a party for a local label, Mash Up, at which I was filming and she was modelling. Little did I know that she was one of the most talented photographers I've ever seen, and that her feed would inspire me to step up to Insta-game big time. I'd like to think of her as an 'Internet Friend', a category I assign to people whom I've exchanged pleasantries with online a few times, and then continued to like and share their photos, and silently cheer them on. Lenne is positively slaying at photography, and has a very impressive client list, which includes PUMA, Sony Music, Bang & Olufsen, Suitcase Magazine, NYLON and Elle Girl. She has also shot famous models such as Lily Cole and Chiharu Okunugi! To see more of her incredible and breath-taking shots, follow her on Instagram! 

Happy 'Gramming!


Pepper & Söl