Rêve-a-Porter | Military Persuasion

This is my regular roundup of clothes from Net-A-Porter that I would put in my dream wardrobe! As I'm sure you are all well aware, I am a college student, which means that when it comes to designer, I can only go window shopping. In a slightly masochistic fashion, I thoroughly enjoy browsing through Net-A-Porter, the leading retail site for high-end fashion, and pretending I'm actually going to buy them. I can spend hours flipping through webpages and styling outfits, and mentally slotting them into my mind palace. Unlike Sherlock's, my mind palace is temperature-controlled, marble-tiled and thankfully doesn't come with a screaming maniac in the basement. 

I've decided to start sharing my mind-palace concoctions, so I hope you too may feel inspired and ever so slightly as sad as I do that they're not already in your real wardrobe. Without further ado, I present la garde-robe de mes rêves

Casual Look

Jacquemus Cutout Dress | Sophie Buhai Wilke Hammered Earrings | Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers |

I am utterly in love with this cutout dress from Jacquemus, and I'm not just saying this because he's one of my favourite designers. Or maybe I am, but who cares! When the shirt-dress trend first began emerging, I was very excited about it because it so perfectly aligns with my aesthetic. However, because I am a bit of a snob, I didn't end up getting one since I had seen one too many already at my university. I've shopped online for numerous dresses in whites, blues, blacks, stripes, houndstooth, you name it. Everything felt too much like I was trying to copy everyone else. Hence, I decided to veto the trend unless I could find a fresh and interesting take on it. Then, on a whim, I typed a random search on N-A-P and found this very cool dress and I was sold! Of course, it was not sold to me, but it definitely earns its place in my dream wardrobe. 

I decided to pair it with these accessories because to me it feels like the perfect cross between an upper east sider and a tumblr art heaux aesthetic, which is basically me in a nutshell. 


Fendi Cotton Taffeta Wrap TopFendi Cotton-Poplin Tapered Pants | Mansur Gavriel Circle Leather Tote | Tod's Leather Sneakers | Gianvito Rossi Suede Sandals

As I write this, I am literally wearing all of these colours in my outfit! I'm a huge fan of burgundy and olive green, especially in combination. For this outfit, everything very easily fell into place, as I checked the million-and-one tabs I had opened whilst scrolling through N-A-P. I like the military feeling on the trousers, which is why I paired them with the burgundy and white.

If I were wearing this in the day, I would definitely wear the white sneakers for a more casual look. However, I know I can pull this off because I'm quite tall but on shorter women it runs the risk of looking frump with the flats, hence I would pair it with the sandals instead, especially as an evening outfit. I feel as though this is such an androgynous outfit, that either shoe really works. The chunky heel and wide straps are essential in order to balance this outfit out - a more dainty heel would definitely be over-powered by the other pieces. 

When it came down to choosing a shirt, it was surprisingly difficult. Of course, I could have made it easy for myself by choosing a simple and crisp white shirt, but I felt as though that would be far too plain. The question then was: how do I choose a statement shirt that won't turn this look from 'military chic' to 'mimi the clown'? I trawled through every single white shirt on the site (I'm not joking) until I had selected only five and could not narrow down my selection any further. 

Marques' Almeida | Dolce & Gabbana | Toga | Roland Mouret | Esteban Cortazar  |

Do you see how difficult my decision was?! I love all of them! (I'm sure non-fashion people are thinking that I'm insane and that this is much of a muchness, but don't make me pull a Miranda Priestly on you! This is important.) The Almeida definitely has the most potential to be overpowering, but I'm also the most drawn to it. The great thing about my dream wardrobe is that I don't have to decide, I can just take them all home in my mind and try them on until I've found the one that fits!

And on that note, I shut my wardrobe for the day to give my heart a rest so I can return with even better choices next time.

Happy Dreaming!


Pepper & Söl