Rêve-A-Porter | Rosie Assoulin Resort '17

This is my selection of clothes from Rosie Assoulin's Resort 17 collection (as seen on Moda Operandi) that I would put in my dream wardrobe! As I'm sure you are all well aware, I am a college student, which means that when it comes to designer, I can only go window shopping. In a slightly masochistic fashion, I thoroughly enjoy browsing through Net-A-Porter and MO, two leading retail sites for high-end fashion, and pretending I'm actually going to buy them. I can spend hours flipping through webpages and styling outfits, and mentally slotting them into my mind palace. Unlike Sherlock's, my mind palace is temperature-controlled, marble-tiled and thankfully doesn't come with a screaming maniac in the basement. 

I quite like sharing my mind-palace concoctions, so I hope you too may feel inspired and ever so slightly as sad as I do that they're not already in your real wardrobe. Without further ado, I present la garde-robe de mes rêves. 

Rosie Assoulin is a brilliant designer who has worked for the likes of Oscar De La Renta and Lanvin before releasing her eponymous label in 2014. Her designs are architectural and often contradictory - expertly melding modern with retro, and eveningwear with daywear. Her Resort 17 collection was a show of patterns and volume, incorporating flamenco vibes in the sleeves and ruffles. Here are my top picks from this collection! 

*All photos from rosieassoulin.com

I'm quite taken by the textures in both pieces, which pop right out of the screen at you. These looks feel regal yet somehow casual, making an effortless statement. I have historically stayed away from both ruffles and large sleeves, due to one-too-many photos from the nineties in which I was practically slathered in both (plus brightly coloured bobble hair ties, don't forget the bobbles). However, nearly two decades later I'm ready to boldly venture into that realm once more, because no amount of nineties would stop me from diving into these skirts if ever given the chance!

The quilted texture at the bottom and the red pattern are evocative of a simple childhood, from the red-checkered table cloths (which I actually never saw in my house, but have read enough idyllic-childhood-in-spain books to know was a must-have) and quilted comforters (which I happily had in abundance). I'm really curious as to whether it's rather heavy or not, as well as how the sleeves of the blouse look when the arm is in a neutral position. I wonder if it's tapered at the elbow and drapes over, or if it's cut at an angle. 

I'll be moving to Paris soon, and I can already see myself in some of these pieces (although I won't actually be still be in Paris for the Spring/Summer season). I suppose that adds to the versatility, that I feel as though I could wear many of these almost year-round. The high-waisted blue trousers are definitely my must-have for summer '17. Here's to hoping!


*Am very happy to see my friend Ariela (bottom left) modelled for this!


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