The Gentlemen's Suit

A few weeks ago, I was on the set for Charlie Lim's new music video, Conspiracy. Set on another planet, it featured green, knobbly-headed aliens and one gloomy-looking (but always lovely) Charlie. I happened to be one of those aliens, clad in blue overalls and shiny black gloves, plus a wobbly plastic alien mask that would have put Greedo to shame.

When I was not playing a hard working alien crew member (a terribly difficult job that required walking across the set, pressing knobs, pointing at screens and shuffling papers), I was being a funky alien band member, jiving in a stylish red suit!

Of the two-day-long shoot, I finally got to wear my red gentleman's suit on the second day and it. was. awesome.

I think I finally understand what it means to have the unfailing confidence of a Business Bro. Perhaps the male ego doesn't come from owning a pair of speedbags, rather it stems from owning a glorious suit, preferably several of them. 

I felt powerful. I felt suave. I felt like I could saunter up to Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love and she'd give me her number the first time (what's good, Ryan Gosling?). I felt IT - the mysterious It that makes men feel invincible - and It felt good. 

So motivated was I by my newfound Male Ego, that I decided I was in need of a few photos to celebrate my bourgeoning manhood. We had a short break after getting into costume when the set was being adjusted for us, so I accosted Lee Chang Ming, a talented photographer who was taking BTS photos on set, and I asked him to snap a couple photos of me outside the sound stage. 

Not too shabby for a girl in men's clothing, eh? 



Pepper & Söl


P.S.:The suit has since been returned, and I have unceremoniously lost my manhood (and there is no pill for that, I'm afraid), but I will never forget my glorious moment in a Gentlemen's Suit.