Is That Bali? No, It's Punggol

A few days ago, I was sitting backstage at a fashion show as we waited to be called for our hair and makeup. I had just received these amazing photos from Kathy Chu, a talented analogue photographer from Singapore, and as I was scrolling through them on my laptop, one of the other models leaned over my shoulder and asked, "Wah, where is that? Is that Bali?" 

It's understandable why he'd think so - the oh-so-Vogue-worthy beach and the absence of ships lining the water, added to the other-worldly quality of the film that Kathy brought to life, and it could easily be mistaken for somewhere more wander-lust inducing than Singapore's beaches. You can imagine my amusement at the look of pure shock on his face when I replied,

"no, it's Punggol."

I first met Kathy behind the scenes of the shoot for Charlie Lim's music video, which I posted about recently. Kathy is a recently graduated law student who has returned home from the UK to do a very complicated-sounding law programme in Singapore. She started analogue photography a while back and has been growing her beautiful portfolio ever since. Click here to see the full gallery of photos we took!


For most people living in Singapore, you'd get the same reaction upon saying you're going to Punggol as a New Yorker upon saying they were going to lunch in Newark - i.e. a flat and puzzled 'why.' Not a question, 'why?' but a statement, 'why.' It's simply not somewhere that you'd want to schlep out to without a very good reason. I discovered that although it looks very far, it's actually quite doable - both by train and uber - and it didn't take me as long as I thought it would. 

I'm very glad that Kathy had the brilliant idea to go there, otherwise I never would have known what a pretty place it was. There are a bit too many rocks on the beach to have a picnic, but I can imagine it would be so lovely to ride bikes along the boardwalk - you know, if I ever actually rode one. 


Pepper & Söl