Unwanted Desires | this is weird. i like it.

'Unwanted desires' is a compilation of short scenes having one thing in common: an
'inappropriate' behavior. It's my personal diary – notebook with collection of never realized 'bad thoughts' or 'bad impulses'.

This short video was created by Ola Szmida, who studied Media Arts in Germany. I find it kind of weird and fascinating, and I can relate to a lot of it because I have my own weird and unwanted desires (which I will not share here because they are far too embarrassing).

"Through a series of short, sharp vignettes Ola manages to create a sense of tension, humour and shock through her scratchy line animation. The way the animator has cut the film and transitioned from scene to scene also adds to the fast pace and suspense, as Ola often moves on just before the wicked action is realised, leaving the viewer hanging. “I want to shock people a little, but in a good way – to make them laugh at themselves,” she says. “I also want to say something about the social expectations, which have made us behave in a certain way for so long.”
- It's Nice That (original article)


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