My Favourite Singapore Instagrammers

Welcome to my regular round-up of the people on Instagram who inspire me! This month I decided to take it local and highlight my three favourite Singaporean 'grammers. They all fall into the of 'light and spaciousness' that probably sounds very vague but it makes complete sense to me, don't worry about it. It seems this month I've been inspired by pastel and white, angular lines and the feeling of large and open spaces. Think Solange Knowles-type vibes, with some architecture and a lil' razzle dazzle. 


Cinddie is another one of my "internet friends," (i.e. we've never met or spoken but we follow each other on Instagram), and I just adore her aesthetic. As someone who has never successfully stuck to an aesthetic for more than a month, I really appreciate how well created and curated her photos are. When she's not posting yet another stunner of a photo, Cinddie is the co-founder of Flaunt and Naked Heart, two online fashion stores based in Singapore.


Yais Yusman is without a doubt my favourite Instagrammer of all time. I cannot get enough of his photos, and so many of them just take my breath away. Even this small selection I've shared here was a tough call and is only a small glimpse into how talented he is! I think I briefly met him last year at an Instameet whilst we were all taking shelter from a freakish amount of rain that came down all of a sudden, however I can't be entirely sure because I was too busy leaping about in puddles for no apparent reason. Nonetheless, he is someone that I highly recommend following because his photos are just so. damn. beautiful. it. hurts.


Velda Tan is the ultimate definition of #GirlBoss and I love following her adventures on Instagram. After founding and running a blogshop called Love, Bonito for eight years, she enrolled at Central Saint Martins, a world-renowned fashion school, before setting off on her own and founding Collate The Label. Not only am I obsessed with her geometric designs and their feminine flair, I think her campaigns are stunning, and get even better with each collection. Perhaps my weirdest reason for liking her so much is because despite all of her success, she just seems like a genuinely nice person to hang out with and I really appreciate that. 

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